Hi, we’re Happy 2nd Birthday.

We’re a personal care brand that recognizes that skin is more than just skin: it affects self-confidence and emotional health. For all those who struggle to find gentle, effective skincare products, we hear you. Our passion is helping people feel better through skincare, no matter what they’re going through in life.

What’s in a name?
For us, our origin story.

Our name is about celebrating second chances.

Our origin comes from our family’s experience with cancer, and how our father was gifted a second birthday on his bone marrow transplant day to symbolize his second chance at life (hence our brand name!).

Our mission is to help improve the skin and emotional wellbeing of those with sensitive skin issues, especially cancer patients. Through our partnerships with non-profit organizations, we strive to give second chances to the ones putting on a brave face, to those who suffer silently, and to those who are disadvantaged or overlooked.

Our story

Your skin is ever-changing, but taking care of it shouldn’t have to be.

No matter where your life journey takes you, we keep your daily ritual of skin care simple with elevated essentials that are made for all skin types. Our clean formulations are gentle, natural, and do the job: exactly what skincare should be.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding safe
No artificial colors or scents