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Bilberry Extract For Skin: The Surprising Benefits, Explained

Researchers are just beginning to tap into how valuable bilberry extract for skincare really is. While this fruit has been used for decades to promote eye health—including by British fighter pilots during World War II!—we’ve only just started to explore bilberry extract benefits for skin. Now, this up-and-coming ingredient has

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Fight the Flake: How to Care for Your Scalp During Chemo

In movies and on television, those experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy usually just look like their beautiful Hollywood selves with the addition of a beanie hat to indicate baldness underneath. But in reality, there is pretty much nothing glamorous about the temporary baldness (along with the loss of eyebrows, lashes,

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Are Probiotics Good For Your Skin?

In the 90s, we knew that eating fat was bad for you, skincare products should always be oil-free, and bacteria were tiny creatures we absolutely wanted to avoid at all costs. Turns out, we were wrong about all three—and that last one really messed us up. As a country, we

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