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I Knit My Way Through Chemo (And To A Sense of Calm)

In November 2018, I was 37 years old and was just getting back to work after the birth of my second kid when I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. The year following my diagnosis, I underwent two surgeries, nine rounds of chemotherapy, and countless pokes and prods. I also knitted three sweaters, eight hats, and at least a half dozen mittens. 

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My Favorite Answer To “What Can I Do”

Cancer introduces challenges to many aspects of our lives. Emotional well-being, of course. Finances, career. And then there’s the mail.

Yes, for someone in cancer treatment, the mailbox can be flat-out scary—a physical representation of new circumstances that are almost certainly frightening. Inside, there are often test results, insurance statements, and, naturally, bills. Making sense of the incoming paperwork can be daunting, and acting on that paperwork is harder still.

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Best Skincare Products For Radiation Therapy

As surreal as they may seem, all those changes you experience in skin color, texture, and feel during radiation therapy are pretty standard. In fact, as many as 90 percent of cancer patients who undergo radiation will experience radiation dermatitis. Those symptoms can range from mild irritation to itchy redness—and

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Fight the Flake: How to Care for Your Scalp During Chemo

In movies and on television, those experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy usually just look like their beautiful Hollywood selves with the addition of a beanie hat to indicate baldness underneath. But in reality, there is pretty much nothing glamorous about the temporary baldness (along with the loss of eyebrows, lashes,

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