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Fight the Flake: How to Care for Your Scalp During Chemo

In movies and on television, those experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy usually just look like their beautiful Hollywood selves with the addition of a beanie hat to indicate baldness underneath. But in reality, there is pretty much nothing glamorous about the temporary baldness (along with the loss of eyebrows, lashes,

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Are Probiotics Good For Your Skin?

In the 90s, we knew that eating fat was bad for you, skincare products should always be oil-free, and bacteria were tiny creatures we absolutely wanted to avoid at all costs. Turns out, we were wrong about all three—and that last one really messed us up. As a country, we

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The Loaded Question of “How are you?”

Everyone is trying to be kind to me right now, but friends and coworkers keep asking me “how are you” and I have no idea how to answer that because I feel like garbage. What should I say? —Callie L., Savannah, GA

Oof, I feel you. I got this question all the time when I was going through breast cancer treatments, and it consistently threw me for a loop. It’s really strange how so many “normal” things become weighted with meaning after a cancer diagnosis, isn’t it? Ordering takeout used to be such a simple act, but now it’s… complex. And answering a question that you used to answer unthinkingly—”busy!” “great!” “so good!”—stops being mundane and becomes, well, incredibly fraught in light of your new reality. Callie, you don’t say exactly what you’re concerned about in regards to the question, but from my own experience as a breast cancer survivor, I suspect there might be a couple of different issues at play here.

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7 Easy, Refreshing Breaks That Can Reset Your Outlook

We’ve all been there: the morning starts off okay, but then one thing after another begins to go wrong, and after a certain point, it feels like there’s no way to turn the day around—you may as well cut your losses and just binge-watch TV on the couch. That’s a completely human and normal response, but the truth is, there are a lot of ways to help you hit the reset button and get back into the swing of things.

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