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The Best Skincare Routine For Cancer Patients

As though undergoing cancer treatment wasn’t already difficult enough, the chances that you’ll encounter some skin irritation are extremely high. In fact, while skin issues vary from treatment to treatment (and even patient to patient), issues like rashes and blisters are among the most common side effects of cancer therapies.

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Ocean Skin Care: Kelp & Algae Benefits for Your Skin

When you read that a product contains “botanical ingredients,” you probably think of flowers and herbs, like soothing chamomile and antioxidant-packed green tea. And while these classic, plant-based ingredients can be great for your skin, researchers have been turning their attention to a different kind of flora lately: the kind that you find in the ocean.

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What’s a Skin Barrier & How to Strengthen It?

Our skin can do some miraculous things, like heal wounds and tell us when it’s too cold, too hot, or too painful—but it also moonlights as a security system both by controlling what’s allowed inside you and letting you know when something’s not right.

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The 8 Best Indoor Plants with Health Benefits

Take a look over the old Instagram feed—no matter what you like or who you follow, it seems that every third or fifth picture is of a cute little interior gardenscape these days. Whether these friends and influencers have gigantic homes or 900-square foot apartments, it seems like everyone is going all in on wall-to-wall greenery. But aside from being a social media trend, there are some genuine benefits to bringing a little bit of the outdoors in.

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Nutrition Advice for Cancer Patients: 7 Top Tips

“There’s not one food or food group that is going to help you prevent or fight cancer,” explains Jennifer Smith, Breast Cancer Dietitian at Joy, Energy, Nutrition. “We need a variety of foods and a rainbow of colors working together to give us the maximum benefit for good health.”

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