10 Amazing Dance Instruction Apps That Will Get Your Heart Rate Up (and Your Groove On)

10 Amazing Dance Instruction Apps That Will Get Your Heart Rate Up (and Your Groove On)

It takes a special breed of human to just enjoy working out. While we admire those folks, many of us struggle to get started on our fitness journey because the thought of dragging ourselves to the gym is more tortuous than doing taxes during a lecture on lint. The truth is, some of us just can’t zone out on a treadmill or elliptical to get the job done—we have to get creative when it comes to getting our butts in gear, which is why joining classes is often our best bet.

But if adult life has taught us anything, it’s that our best laid plans are often thwarted. Some of us are super focused on getting work done, others on shipping the kids off to their millionth after-school activity, some are dealing with both—no matter what’s going on in your life, finding time to join an exercise class can be challenging. So rather than slip into a pit of inactive despair, modern technology has the perfect solution to these modern-day conundrums: Fitness apps.

Luckily, relying on apps doesn’t mean you’re doomed to only learn how to be a better runner: you can use the help of apps to move and groove in a way that keeps you engaged and fit. To help, we rounded up 10 of the best dance apps out that will not only teach you some sweet moves, but will also help you burn those calories (without being super boring).

1. Dancy

Stripping it down to basics, Dancy is great for building a dancing foundation. Using virtual avatars, there are 120 steps you can master, ranging from beginner to complex. It works to give you tools for a variety of genres so when you want to go off and start dancing elsewhere, you can call on these foundational steps. Plus it’s free, so there’s really nothing to lose.

2. STEEZY Studio

Simultaneously trying to correct your two left feet and work up a sweat? Virtual students of STEEZY Studios say this app has helped them do both. For $20 a month (or $99 annually), students of all skill levels can check out a variety of classes. There are lessons on hip-hop, dancing in high heels, and even trending dances so you can nail those #challenges. Perhaps the coolest feature is it allows you to view real dance instructors from a variety of angles so you can nail the moves, and it also allows you to watch yourself as you bust a move. Whether the latter option is actually a good thing, we’ll leave to you to decide.

3. iDance

For those looking to tone and work out and are slightly less interested in perfecting moves, iDance is for you. The app claims to have over 225 individual dance animations to learn across an array of genres. There are 40 preset dance lessons to tune into and are able to be done at your own pace, and once you’re confident, you can use the app to help make your own choreography so you can focus on sculpting and toning targeted areas. One major complaint about the app was that it felt specifically targeted to women. But if that doesn’t bother you, it only costs $3.99, and is a perfect way to test the waters around dance workouts.

4. Body Groove

Designed with everybody in mind, Body Groove claims to be able to customize a dance workout tailored to your needs. Members gain unlimited streaming access to not only 100 dance routines, but also live sessions and workshops to help take a holistic approach to movement and health. Up to six people can stream the app, so it’s a great way to get the whole family moving or to sync up with friends so you can hold each other accountable.

5. Just Dance Now

There are people who love waking up at 5 AM, throwing on their running shoes, and starting the day with an intense workout. And if you’re not one of those people, and need a little more pomp and circumstance to get going, the Just Dance Now app is for you. Don’t think of it as a fitness app… try looking at it like a video game—because it is! This no-console-needed app gets people moving and grooving and can allow several friends to get in on the fun. After casting the app to your SmartTV, your phone acts as a controller, tracking your moves and allowing you to nail dances and even compete with people around the world. A $3.99/month subscription gives you unlimited access to over 500 songs and fresh content each month.

6. Dance Fitness With Jessica

Really looking to sweat it out? Dance Fitness With Jessica is a virtual instructor-led high-intensity workout. Peppering in fitness with aerobic dancing, this app works to be tailored to your personal fitness goals, be they weight loss or toning. This app definitely is not for learning moves that translate to great dancing in public, but if you’re simply looking for a fun way to work up a sweat, this one’s for you.

7. Dance Strength Training

Seasoned or just getting started, all dancers need a good foundation, and conditioning is key. Conditioning the body to be able to perform moves takes strength training, and the Dance Strength Training app is just what can help. For $10 a month, each workout you’re provided comes with a HD instructional video to preview and training techniques with audio guidance from a personal trainer. Some folks have said they’re not thrilled they couldn’t test out the moves before subscribing, but those who signed up claim they love how it supports their regular dancing routines.

8. Pocket Bachata

Dance is a gorgeous way to explore cultures and traditions, but if you’re in an isolated area, getting a taste for international moves can be tough. For anyone looking to explore a simple but super fun dance, Bachata might be for you. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Bachata is an eight-count square step dance, and Pocket Bachata, led by instructor Fernando Flores, aims to teach dancers everything from how to dance Bachata to how to improve on already honed skills.

9. Salsa Rhythm

For the musically inclined, this app mixes footwork skills as well as instrumental experience. With Salsa Rhythm your own rhythm and tempos work on a beat that makes sense to your feet. If you’re not comfortable guiding yourself through footwork and rhythms, this might be an app you back-burner until you master the basics.

10. Dance Fit Studio Lite

If you haven’t decided on what kind of dance does it for you, Dance Fit Studio Lite is the free way to explore different genres. You can learn anything from hip-hop to cheerleading. It allows you to unlock three videos per session. Though we wouldn’t say it’s a tool to help you master your dance fitness routine, it does help you get a feel for what you might be interested in before you commit to a more focused app.

Now that you’ve got the tools, go forth and bust several moves. Whether you’re dancing on date night or cuttin’ up your living room rug, you’ll be able to dance and check off “find a way to love exercise” from the daily to-do list.

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