What you put on your skin can get absorbed into your bloodstream. When you're pregnant and/or nursing, there's a greater risk of harmful ingredients making their way to your baby, through the fetus or through breastmilk. Hormonal fluctuations and an increase in blood volume during pregnancy affect your skin, sometimes causing issues you may have never experienced before or were hoping were long gone. Sure, the extra oxygen can give you that pregnancy glow. But additional sebum production from the hormonal shift can cause breakouts. Some women experience the opposite, with dry patches and rashes. It doesn't all end after the baby is born either—if you choose to feed your baby your breastmilk, you still face the same risks while dealing with more hormonal changes.

So not only do you have to be super careful about what you eat, but now you have to revisit your skincare routine? Welcome to the beginning of motherhood, where your priorities shift to your little one's safety (but always worth it!).

Pregnancy & Parenting Tidbits

From dealing with hormonal acne to managing expectations, the articles in this section offer tips and helpful information as you prepare for or continue to raise little human beings.

What's a skin barrier & how to strengthen it?

Our skin can do some miraculous things, like heal wounds and tell us when it’s too cold, too hot, or too painful—but it also moonlights as a security system both by controlling what’s allowed inside you and letting you know when something’s not right.


6 Ways to manage your sky-high parenting expectations of yourself

Before having children, every parent daydreams about who they’ll be as a parent. It’s hard to have zero expectations for yourself—after all, child rearing is an extremely important job, and it is one every parent wants to excel at.


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Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or looking to entertain and educate your kiddo, there are an overwhelming number of apps on the market. While it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff—we’ve tried tons of parenting apps that did absolutely nothing but try to sell us random stuff—here are a few that we’ve found to be genuinely worth the download.


The top skincare ingredients to avoid while pregnant

Reading a skincare label can be overwhelming. Some ingredients with unpronounceable, scary-sounding names turn out to be a moisturizing plant seed oil, while innocuous-seeming ingredients, like “fragrance,” are often packed with some truly terrifying unknowns.