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Vegan Lip Butter Balm
Miriam Shields
Vegan Lip Butter Balm

So far I've been very happy with this product.

Best Cleanser Ever

I received the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser in a New Beauty VIB Box . It is the only thing from that box that I have actually had to reorder. I was instantly drawn to the scent, the way it made my skin feel. After the first wash I knew that this cleanser had to be a part of my everyday cleansing regimen. When I ordered I did not hesitate to buy not 1 but 2 bottles . I LOVE THIS CLEANSER !!!

Love it! Moisturizing!

Great product! Love that it’s vegan, easy to apply, and the formula feels so good on my lips! I would love a scented one in the future. Fingers crossed! I bought one for me and one for a gift. Amazing product, will definitely purchase again. Thank you!

Perfect lip balm!

Exactly what I was looking for! I can use this as often as I want since it’s safe for my lips. It’s very hydrating and feels great on!

Glossy balm

This balm is great. Seems like it would be sticky, but it’s not. Very soft, glossy and nourishing.

Very Hydrating

I always have dry lips and this lip balm definitely hydrates. I like how it doesn't have a scent at all and stays moisturized for a while.


I have very dry skin and this lotion does not leave it greasy or heavy at all. It is a great moisturizer for my growing pregnant belly to prevent stretch marks. I hate having oily, sticky skin from other lotions and oils. My skin soaks this up really well and doesn't leave it greasy/oily. Would definitely recommend getting this!

Love this stuff

Gentle cleanser makes my skin feel young and healthy.

Vegan Lip Butter Balm
Taylor Johnson
Love it so much!

I love this vegan lip butter, it keeps my lips very moisturized and it feels good on the lips! The moisture lasts for a good while.

Best Cleanser Ever

Truly in love with the way this leaves my skin feeling! My skin clarity and overall texture is always changing and this leaves my skin so consistently smooth! I love it so much!

Vegan Lip Butter Balm
Sherrie Wilson
Butter Lips

I Love your product! I have a habit of chewing on my lips because they become very chapped. Since using your lip butter, I have no more problems and my lips are very soft. I would recommend your product to anyone with really bad chapped lips.
Thank you.


Excited to wash my face because of this cleanser! Lathers up really nicely and gives my face that "reset" from all the buildup during the day. Citrus scent makes me happy!

Finally Found the One

It took a long time to finally find a moisturizer that I absolutely love! This is so light and refreshing, I don't feel it on my face. My face is very sensitive and I have had no reactions or breakouts from this. My skin has actually been more hydrated, especially in the cold winter temperatures in New England. I definitely recommend this!

So happy I tried this!

This cleanser makes my skin feel clean and fresh, but not at all dry. Perfect for these dry winter months, but I’m looking forward to using it during summer too.

The stuff is the best!

I received a full size bottle from Shape Magazine Beauty Awards 2022. I didn't try it right off, but I went on a late beach vacation and I thought I would give it a try. I was so pleasantly surprised. It is very moisturizing and just feels so nice on your skin. It does burn your eyes it is just refreshing. I bought 3 more bottles and I was lucky because it was on sale! Thanks. Michelle


a special complement to my makeup, it makes it even more durable and has a neutral smell that does not cause allergies, what a good product it is one of my favorites!


I love the hydration from the lotion ! It isn’t sticky which is a huge bonus for me ! I love that it isn’t any harsh scent at all and I love the way it so smooth on my whole face and neck !

Works Great

I can't use any cleanser 2 days in a row without problems. Though this unbelievable exfoliating cleanser works great for me. I use it every other day. I get a tiny bit of skin flake only on my nose otherwise it is perfect. So glad I finally have a keeper.


I have naturally pretty clear skin, but this cleanser has helped me clear it up even more, specifically my pores! It removes all of the gunk our faces build up throughout the day (sorry I don't know a better word for it so gunk it is lol). It's long-lasting, very faint calming smell, and is restorative!


This product is the perfect addition to my day! Every morning I wake up, cleanse my skin, and spritz my face with this mist and it feels very rejuvenating! The faint, earthy scent is also so calming.

Smooth and light

I tend to have a dry face and oily nose so this product is PERFECT for my skin! I don't know how to describe it other than light. It feels very light compared to some heavy moisturizers I've tried in the past. I use it every morning and evening, it leaves me perfectly smooth. I definitely recommend it!

I use it everyday

As a girl who is lazy with skincare, this is a God-sent! I use it once or twice a day and leaves me feeling so good (:

Love it!

I don't break out often but when I do it's stubborn! This cleanser cleaned my skin right up and I was good to go after only a few days (:

Truly Wonderful!

I typically avoid using lip balms because they just leave my lips feeling oily, then dry again. This lip balm is different! It soothes and moisturizes my lips for the entire day with just one application, without a greasy feeling. Perfect!


Happy 2nd birthday is great! I love that they’re all vegan, but not only that, their products are amazing! I’ve been struggling with a combination of oily, dry skin and my skin has never looked better since I’ve started using the cleanser, moisturizer, and spray! Thanks for helping keep my face clear!